New Year’s 2014

Here we are T&R&R admirers. We’ve arrived at 2014. The fam packed up the Civic and drove the hour and a half to their home away from home for the new year’s, the Clark Ranch.

This year T&R&R were greeted by John and Mica as usual, but their son Max was rocking his first New Year’s! The evening made the group wonderful new memories, but also made them a little nostalgic for the old days. Meagan and Chris came with a bun in the oven, Bianca and Chris brought their daughter, and the whole lot of them (including T&R&R and M&J&M) were crashed out by 12:50am.

Heh. Well, whatever. The parties aren’t as long or as dangerous anymore, but it is a wonderful opportunity to get together and celebrate some great friendships.

Oh, and Ruby drove a tractor. Cool.

IMG_3340 IMG_3347


Happy New Year’s!

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Christmas 2013

Ho ho ho! Here we are at another Christmas in the Wright household. It was GrAnn’s second xmas in the Claremont house and the group decided to keep in the new tradition of having a tree next door so no little dogs or toddlers brought the thing to an early demise.


Kara and Charlie came all the way from San Fran (with Buster Brown!) and the group reveled as they have in years past. They had the annual cookie decorating competition (in which Todd and Kara almost always win Most Interesting and Rachel wins Best in Show), and this year wasn’t much different except Ruby was finally old enough to take part in the action. Sweet!

IMG_3292 IMG_3293

As predicted: Best in Show by Rachel.


Most Interesting: Todd’s three cookie star eye’d Santa:


Ruby, Todd, Rachel, Kara and Charlie got great loot this year, ate wonderful food with family, and really enjoyed the time together in the tiny duplex. 🙂

IMG_3314 IMG_3316


Merry Christmas blog readers (does anyone read blogs anymore?)!


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Thanksgiving 2013

This Thanksgiving also needed some help from Charlie Brown. Although the 20 minute special is not as revered as the Halloween program (or the Christmas one we will discuss in the next post), Ruby learned a lot about the holiday from Snoopy and his pals. She learned that Thanksgiving is a day you spend with family, it’s a day you talk about how grateful you are for what you have, and it’s a day you eat a RIDICULOUS amount of good food.

T&R showed her this by attending Rachel’s aunt Martha’s Thanksgiving meal that was attended by a plethora of family. The party also had a plethora of great food and the trio caroused and ate with happy smiles and happy stomachs.

The trio also spent the day cheering on their Longhorns at home. Go Horns!


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In November, Todd and Rachel got an epic babysitter (GrAnn as normal), and headed out to Nashville for Rachel’s co-worker’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, and Todd was asked to be an usher again (this was maybe his 75th occasion as a wedding usher; what can he say? That Todd can ush some fools down aisles).

T&R spent the weekend engaged in wedding activities, but there was also plenty of time to hit up a craft whiskey distillery and have drinks with Rachel’s friends from work.

IMG_3241 IMG_4476


Nashville was beautiful. Thanks Jay and Melinda! We had a great time.

Oh. And Todd had kind of an epic beard on this trip. Just thought we’d mention that.


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Pumpkin Patch and Halloween 2013

T&R were looking forward to Halloween this year, because like so many holidays this year, it was the first one of its kind that Ruby could be fully interactive for. Todd and Rachel trained her well by showing her Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin for the first time and talked her through the logistics. Ruby loves the details, and the couple relished in explaining the significance of carving the pumpkin, of dressing up on Halloween, and of Trick-or-Treating.

GrAnn and Rachel took Ruby to a pumpkin patch to choose the family pumpkins, and the kiddo got to go on her first hay-ride!

IMG_3186 IMG_4390

On Halloween, T&R dressed Ruby in her homemade (thanks to Rachel and GrAnn) costume. She was Boo from Monsters Inc. and she was the cutest thing you’ve ever freaking seen. Of course, she wouldn’t pose for pictures for us, but we’ve given you the closest to it that is humanely possible.

IMG_4421 IMG_4434


She Trick-or-Treated at Grandpa Ray’s, Grandpa Mark and Nana Kathy’s, and GrAnn’s house to end the night. The group camped at GrAnn’s to give candy to greedy Trick-or-Treaters the rest of the night. It was a lot of fun, and full of sugary delight.

Happy Halloween!

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Ruby’s First Camping Trip

In October, Rachel (and many of her friends from work) planned a great camping trip. This would be Ruby’s first. The couple was a little nervous about how the kiddo would do on her first weekend in a tent, but it was a really fun trip. The bug did great.


Todd and Rachel got to the campsite first, claimed a spot, set up, and acclimated Ruby to the fun of camping. She loved the idea, as she ALWAYS wants to play outside anyway, and the trio played outdoors all weekend.



They hiked, they saw waterfalls, and they made s’mores. Good times. It’s great to know that Ruby is going to be a good camper for many years to come.

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Kara and Charlie’s Wedding

The day had finally come. Kara and Charlie were getting married in Marathon, Texas! The guests made it out (Rachel as proud sister and Matron-of-honor and Todd as proud bro-in-law and officiant), and the epic party went to the break of dawn.

Rachel also celebrated her birthday on the trip and Todd made it to town to meet Rachel in the Gage Hotel’s bar to give her flowers and a kiss.

The weekend was filled with magic and fun, as the San Francisco duo made it legal! The food was good, the music was great, and the happy couple showed the guests a fantastic time.

IMG_3064 IMG_4423

IMG_4410 kcwedding-368

Congrats, K&C!


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